"Where Art and Science Collide"

Lisforlifestyle is known for its "Collision Images"

Guaranteed to add personality and style to any space


"Where Art and Science Collide"

L is for Lifestyle is known for its "Collision" images, but as well as these images we also offer the "Initial" photographs that have been used to create the "Collided" image.


Guaranteed to add personality and style to every house, there is something for everyone's tastes.

"Initial" and "Collided" Prints Explained


$30 per print

These final "Collision" images are unique and original. 

There are a number of collisions we have created, but these are the handpicked ones that meet our high standards.


For those who want to add a little style and originality to their walls these are especially for you.



$60 for 3 prints

A wonderful choice for those who love "real" photographs, as well as abstract ones.

This trifecta of photos has it all.  It has the 2 edited "Initial" prints as well as the final "Collision" image.  When viewed together they show how a unique story in the final image has been created.

At this great price, they make great gifts as well - if you are not keen on keeping them all!

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